Why V2E Management Consulting Service

As a top performing Senior Consultancy Company; V2E Management help businesses with challenges and tasks within Project Management and Execution, Tender Management and Negotiations, Procurement Management and Supplier Performance typically through a reference to either CxO or Director level in your organization – and V2E have always proven that the professional performance and valuable outcome will emerge within short time from engagement.

Carrying more than 20 years of national and international experience and working several years with positions placed at all sides of the table (client, supplier, consultant or public authority) – V2E’s unique insight in all possible angles of an industry value chain or a process will secure fast return of investment when engaging V2E as an external resource to your organisation. With our compelling interest in the energy and construction sector and with a high performing track record within complex and large-scale projects for several different clients – the added value of combining our in-depth knowledge of supply chain, engineering management, contract negotiation and EPC project execution is of paramount importance to gain successful results in these disciplines and cultures.

It is this compelling interest in the industry, the passion for team performance and our strong service ethos that have allowed us to gain an excellent network of contacts, and position us as a recommended Senior Consultancy Company in the Industry.


Bettina M. Christiansen, Founder & CEO