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Sourcing Strategy


The right strategy for your procurement sourcing can be complex as it depends on both cost savings, pricing structure, supplier capability, risk profile, external requirements, quality and safety – but also your long term opportunity for strategic partnerships. Furthermore, the best strategy may take into account more than one project or whole of the organizations project portfolio. V2E are ready to provide these skills on a short notice

V2E can help you manage or develop a structured overview and establish a generic tool to manage the important elements in developing the best sourcing and procurement strategy – that takes all important factors into account and thereby assist you to increase your competitiveness in the current marked. 


Examples of relevant and important KEY POINTS to consider when developing your sourcing strategy – which V2E have experience in:

  • Cost savings & pricing structure
  • Supplier capability, quality & safety.
  • Lead times and supplier capacity and their availability – as well as their technical solution(s). 
  • Supplier Development of your strategic partnerships/suppliers in your supply chain.
  • Development of new supplier(s) close to new marked positions or local suppliers to support local content requirements.
  • Take into consideration optimal use of production capacity or vessel capacity – considering the total cost structure and/or master schedule. 
  • Support the project portfolio in the organization.
  • EU tender law, EU regulations or other local governmental requirement/regional laws and Local content requirements.

To support the achievement of company and corporate goals – sourcing strategy is an important tool to priorities in a highly competitive marked. 

If you’re interesting in a dialog on how V2E can benefit your Company wrt souring strategic work or related tasks to sourcing and/or procurement – Contact V2E.