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Project Management

Construction Projects are to a great extent characterized by being dynamic in the execution phase as not all designs and methods are 100% completed at contract kick-off.

As there will be a natural project development and knowledge increase in terms of both site knowledge, awareness of technical challenges and solutions from different stakeholders attending the construction phase, a project often consist of multiple contracts to cover the complete supply chain and these will all have to be aligned to ensure complete construction integrity can be achieved.  Therefore, it’s important that changes and their interface with other dependencies are constantly handled and any consequential impact this may have on design dependencies, project schedule, cost, and other design solutions needs the right and timely focus by a dedicated project manager and a project team.

Construction projects are to a great extent characterized by variation orders and need a team that can act agile – focusing on quality, cost, time, safety, risks and a delivery that will comply to the customer’s requirements.

These competences are some of the core areas and services that V2E Management can provide.


Using V2E you will benefit from the extended leadership experience managing large international teams and complex international projects with high focus on all commercial aspects.

The fundamental prerequisite for securing a contract is executed within budget, scope, time, quality and safety is professional and dedicated project management.

Throughout more than a decade, V2E have managed several multi-million $ projects with larger international offshore companies in the oil and gas industry. Contract types have mainly been EPC and EPIC and often included project portfolio management for international offshore projects.

Within the resent years (since 2012) V2E have contributed to transfer knowledge from the Offshore Oil & Gas industry to the Renewable Offshore Industry as a result of more than a decade experience in Offshore Oil & Gas Industry with different positions within Project Management, Contract Negotiation, Tender Management, Supply Chain Management and Company Strategies.


V2E also assist in Project Damage Control.

V2E have several times been contracted to perform project damage control on high-profiled projects managing several sub suppliers and stakeholders with conflicting interests. This have involved evaluation of project performances, client satisfaction survey and project critical path, new negotiated base lines, recovery planning, project re-structuring and critical supplier control as well as internal organizational development based on learnings. V2E always work shoulder-by-shoulder with its client – and based on agreed steps when project damage control is needed.


At V2E you will furthermore gain the benefit of experienced IPMA certified project Manager. This will ensure a professional method and project management execution – as the IPMA certification requires a proven track record within dedicated project management with a certain degree of project complexity. The IPMA certification covers competences and knowledge of leadership skills in addition to all the important traditional Project Management disciplines as also covered in the American Model; PMI and the English public model; PRINCE2. Therefor V2E Certification level is of the highest standards within project management disciplines in the world.


If you’re in need of a Project Manager or need help with a project related scope – or just interested in a dialog on how V2E can help benefit your Company please Contact V2E on info@V2Emanagement.com.