Example of References:

Kriegers Flak
offshore wind farm, DK

EU tender for T&I Contract, delivery preparation, contract negotiation, scope pricing etc. Product Categories: WTG & Foundations.  

Vesterhavs North & South
Offshore Windfarms, DK

EU tender for T&I Contract. Product Categories: WTG & Foundations.  

Hornsea One
Offshore Wind Farm, UK

EU Tenders for several categories,

Sourcing strategies,  

LCoE levers and target,

FID scope/material, 

Tender and supplier long/short-list approvals. 

Sourcing and Tender strategies for CAPEX Procurement

Product Categories; Onshore Substation, Offshore Substation. 

Contracts for: Design, Fabrication, Transport and Installation 

Category Management

Product Categories; Onshore Substation, Offshore Substation. 

Contracts for: Design, Fabrication, Transport and Installation

Organisation development

Update/improvement of internal corporate governance.

Process leader on generic tools in procurement CAPEX. Improvement of EU tender tool systems & generics templates. 

Development & Improvement of internal Project Management Models.

Update of the present Business Management Systems.

Coaching & Development of organisational project management team.

Change Management Projects. 

Performed in several segments: Oil & Gas + Renewables Industry.

Lead of tenders and commercial Proposals

Tendering and commercial proposals – both within the private and public sectors; Oil & Gas, and Wind Power – as well as for large public EU Projects.


Project Management on large EU project across European countries

EU research program GMES (Global Monitoring for the Environment and Security).

(European project, 43 partners).

Aims to develop by 2008 a European system for operational monitoring and forecasting on global and regional scales of the ocean physics, bio-geochemistry and ecosystems.

Change Management & Business/Process Optimization

Change Management Project – to align the organization setup towards core target strategic business units (SBUs).

Review business processes and in corporation with teams optimization of the process and ensure compliance with corporate governance rules and requirements.

Optimization of operational process and the flow for products and process.

Offshore Wind Farm, DK

VVM (Assessment of Environmental Impact)/EIA EXPLANATION OF OFFSHORE WIND FARM,
Assessment of the impact on hydrography, water quality and morphology.

Omø Stålgrunde
Offshore Wind Farm, DK

EIA for offshore wind farm.

3D modeling and assessment of the wind park’s impact on hydrography, water quality and morphology.

The conclusion from the EIA report, year 2000, resulted in this wind farm not being built.

Key Account Management

Supplier Relationship Management, SRM

Supplier Performance 

Supply Chain Management

Gjøa Field, Norway

Project Manager


Pipeline Engineering and Services

Gina Krog
(formerly Dagny-Eiri) pipeline FEED Engineering, NORWAY

Project Manager


Development of engineering solutions and design premises for the detail engineering of the Dagny/Eirin pipeline system.


CTR (Cost, time and Resource) catalogue and tender – for the detailed Dagny Eirin contract.

Back-up system for export riser, DK

Project Manager

Gudrun Sigrun
Development – FEED study

Senior Project Manager


The Gudrun Subsea Pipeline System.

Engineering FEED study – selecting the best possible technical and economical solutions – for the subsea pipeline system.


Gudrun field development
Follow-on engineering, Norway

Senior Project Manager


Engineering for the Subsea Pipeline System – which comprises 54 kilometres of export pipelines from the Gudrun platform to the existing Sleipner A platform: A 12″ oil export pipeline and a 14″ gas export pipeline. The design included tie-in design to the Gudrun platform and pull-in of the pipelines/risers into existing J-tubes at Sleipner.

Gudrun field development
detailed design

Senior Project Manager


Engineering for Pipeline design, Spool design, Seabed intervention, In-line components incl. hot tap tee and wye assemblies, Dropped objects protection using GRP covers and subsea rock installation, Crossings, Riser J-tube pull-in of 10″ and 12″ risers at Sleipner, Tee assembly to future hot tapping, Pull-in analyses at Sleipner A, and expansion and buckling analyses. 


Troll O2, Norway

Senior Project Manager


Design and fabrication off 2 of insulated 10” ID Production Flowlines (each 4.2 km). Material Qualification test program, Bend Restrictor Fit-up test per design. Installation Accessories Bend Restrictors & Thermal Insulation

Volund Development – Oil Field, Norway

Senior Project Manager


Design and Fabrication of flexible water injection flowlines (3 @ 12”ID WIF, total length: 12,3 km) and Accessories (Pull-head, Bend Restrictor). The Volund Development project is a subsea tie-back to the Alvheim FPSO.


MOHO Bilondo – Ultra-Deepwater Oil Field, Congo

Senior Project Manager


Design and Fabrication of Flexibles Flowlines, Risers and Jumpers. Including System Analysis, design and production of 29 different flexible pipelines (Risers and Flowlines) for oil, gas and water export/import to Total E&P MOHO BILONDO field outside Congo in Africa. 


Gryphon Development Project, UK

Senior Project Manager


Design and Fabrication of flexible production jumpers (6 @ 6”ID PJ) and supply of Accessories. The jumpers were delivered as cut-offs from the existing Okume flowline. Jumpers required for the further development of the Gryphon field after Maersk Oil North Sea UK Ltd took over as operator of the Gryphon field from Kerr McGee. 


Claymore WI Bypass, UK

Senior Project Manager


Design and Fabrication of 12” ID Water Injection Flowline. Bypass a damaged section of a rigid water injection flowline with a flexible replacement section.

Puffin development, UK

Senior Project Manager


Provision of 3″ID and 6″ ID gas lift risers and Accessories (Pull heads, hang offs, buoyancy modules, bend stiffners). Includes System Analysis, Design and Production.