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Category & Cost Management​


Achieve better knowledge and structured overview of different categories in your supply chain. This means that you will gain a precise understanding of cost structure, benchmarking, continuous analysis of spend, marked data and supplier performances. V2E competence in category management within large scale construction projects will secure your company a potential to transfer this knowledge to your supply chain.


Examples of relevant and important disciplines & winnings: 

  • Gathering supplier performance data for more quality and service improvements
  • Spend overview /in-depth insight to your spend and how to optimize and lower the break-even value (spend vs. revenue) 
  • Improved visibility into spendings – by larger knowledge of category costs, cost drivers, cost benchmarking across suppliers, price analysis on local and international markets and monitoring trends in the category. 
  • Focus and analysis of opportunities for both technical and commercial cost levers – against risk profile. 
  • Focus on extra savings achieved through substitution (supplier, design, components etc), better compliance to requirement(s) and negotiations. 
  • Better definition of roles and responsibilities within your supply chain 
  • Better Supplier performance  – challenge your supplier to continuously develop and innovate competitive solutions – to mutual benefit for both the supplier himself and client and projects specific cost. 
  • Improve Supplier Relationships and mutual understanding between stakeholders

The optimization of procurement and supply chain management is some of the most important leavers that can secure a lower project breakeven or cost of energy for a given field development project. Control and in-depth insight to your spend is of high value to enable analysis and identification of cost down improvement – both technical and commercial. 

Combined with the right focus on supplier performance management and sourcing and/or procurement strategies – both supplier(s) and client(s) will gain a better competitiveness. 

The facilitation of category management process, supplier performance & development and optimization, challenge solutions towards design simplifications to secure lower production costs or even taking in the lessons learnt from previous projects are processes that V2E Management have a long and successful experience with.